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Vehicles today have become more and more complex. The diagnosis and installation of alternators and starters has become ever more time consuming. Doing a job twice can hurt your bottom line!

When you combine this with the fact that cheap offshore products and imported big box rebuilds from third world countries are flooding the market, mechanics are having a harder time than ever getting the job done.

Pro Rebuilders is the solution to the problem. Our products are re-manufactured by our experts, using state of the art equipment, parts of the highest quality, fully tested, and packaged in house. All done in the USA! Our staff is always available to help with technical questions as well. Our vast inventory of quality starters and alternators, combined with our technical knowledge is the reason such a large number of installers rely on Pro Rebuilders as their primary supplier.

In addition, Pro Rebuilders offers repair service – fixing a part instead of rebuilding it, when economy is important on a particular job. We also service brake rotors and turn brake drums.

Photo of Late style GM starter

Late style GM starter