Pro Rebuilders specializes in rebuilding antique starters, alternators, generators and related components. There is a substantial number of enthusiasts who enjoy their antique and classic vehicles, from cars and trucks, to motorcycles, boats, scooters, ATVs, etc. Getting replacement parts for this equipment can often be difficult or impossible.

We do a lot of remanufacturing of components such as alternators for ‘62 – ‘68 Corvettes with the 327 V8 engines. Equipped an alternator rebuilt by Pro Rebuilders, a classic ‘Vette like this keeps its value – and its numbers-matched alternator – plus the added advantage of a charging system that performs up to original OEM specs.

With our extensive inventory of component parts, knowledge of OEM specifications, and highly skilled technicians, we can rebuild or refurbish your antique parts to original – or better – operating condition. Just shoot us a brief description (use our contact form here) of what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you quickly with a quote.

Photo of Autolite generator rebuilt by Pro Rebuilders

Autolite generator – 1940’s Chrysler automotive, remanufactured by Pro Rebuilders