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Pro Rebuilders is a family owned and operated business located in Rochester, New York, serving primarily the Rochester and Western New York State regions.From the start back in 1994, Pro Rebuilders has been dedicated to excellence in customer service, quality manufacturing, and responsiveness to the needs of our clients. Our manufacturing facility is at 54 Adelaide Street in Rochester. We serve both trade accounts (mostly auto repair shops, marinas and fleet operations) and the general public.

We also welcome walk-in business, as we serve many local customers looking for high quality, domestically manufactured products. With our huge inventory there is no wait for most applications, but we encourage customers to call or email in advance to make sure that we have their particular parts ready to go.

Pro Rebuilders has always had a strong belief in buying products made in America whenever possible and in maintaining a clean environment. We actively recycle virtually all parts removed from units we take in for re-manufactring. Re-manufacturing inherently reduces waste and decreases the need to import products that are often built overseas in places with little concern for environmental standards. We believe that buying American as well as buying re-manufactured are great ways to help both our country and the environment.

Our focus, for as long as we have been in business, has been on providing personalized, first-rate customer service. Together with our line of the the highest quality, professionally remanufactured components, our emphasis on excellence in service and customer satisfaction is what distinguishes Pro Rebuilders from the competition.

photo of ProRebuilders alternators and starters in their boxes

We provide testing, technical diagnosis, rebuild & repair services for:

  • Starters,
  • Alternators,
  • Generators

We work on all types of DC motors, including:

  • 6, 12, 24, & 32 Volt motors,
  • Trim motors,
  • Electric pump motors